In the beginning


My first experience was one that has left me wondering for 50 years if it was real and if so, what did it mean. I finally figured out one thing… yes, it was real. As to the meaning, I’m still waiting for that. Maybe you can help me out on that.

I was 9 years old when  I had a dream  that was so vivid and real and unlike one I had ever had. It scared  me at the time  because I didn’t understand its meaning, but all I knew was that it was important. So important in fact that it changed  my life forever.

There was darkness and it seemed like I was in the bottom of a deep valley. All alone and naked. I was sitting there shaking with fear and heard a voice that came out of no where but was all around me. It was a mans voice and his words were direct and to the point. His voice was intimidating , yet kind.  I remembered thinking it was like the Wizard of Oz when the cowardly lion  ran away and jumped through the glass window…  It said to me that I had a job to do and he told me I had to warn people when the end of time was near.  I said that I was scared and I didn’t know what to do . He replied when the time is right you will know. Then I saw a vision of people screaming and running around in a panic , screaming and crying… Then the dream ended.

I was already afraid of death because I thought one day I will be dead and  my life will be over and there would be nothing more after that . I  didn’t ever want it to be over, but I knew it would happen anyway.   I kept the dream to myself  , but I always remembered its every detail. It left me searching for answers and felt very drawn to the spiritual world and to death. What happens when we die. Is that it for us or is there more ? I became fascinated with Angels and have done much research on the afterlife.  There is so much to know and things can get rather dark at times when you go down the wrong avenue in your quest for answers. I hope you enjoy the ride.


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