Daddy Dearest..

I can’t ever remember daddy ever hurting anyone but me.  As bad as that seems , it was nothing compared to the way seeing this made me feel.    I never felt like I deserved whatever I was given, but I knew for a fact that my sister didn’t deserve anything but the best.  She was everything to me.  I learned more from just watching her than I ever could in school. I wasn’t good in school , I couldn’t keep my mind still long enough to study, and even   if I did, I couldn’t remember it. Art was my favorite subject.   I could understand that.  Spelling  was easy, but when it came to numbers,  I struggled through even simple math,  I would count on my fingers under my desk  or work it out with stick symbols on paper.   My sister however was smart in school.  Our minds worked differently and that was obvious.  Mama could feed us by splitting up one plate.  I liked the plain noodles , and she liked the sauce ,  I liked plain cake, she like the strawberries..   She always had a plan, and I lived day to day, minute to minute sometimes.  She was perfect in my eyes and was the mother in my life that wasn’t there.

I had been outside playing til dark as usual, and was just in time to see it happen. My dad in his chair , my sister watching t.v. .. I see her get up and change the channel,  and before she could sit back down, I see daddy jump on top of her getting ready to beat her . Before he had a chance to hit her, I had jumped on his back and started hitting him as hard as I could , everywhere I could, and as often as I could.  I’m sure it didn’t hurt him, but it did what I had intended it to do and that was to get him off of her . Thats all I cared about.  I would gladly take whatever he had to give , as long as he didn’t hurt my sister. I never wanted to see that happen.  I’m sure he was at his limits end with mama’s infidelity , and late night hours was pushing it too far.. after all ,  she was still his wife .

I guess you could say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree in her case. Papaw was the same way, and I suppose mama watched him when she was growing up, and I had watched them both.  It would either make me or break me . Only time would tell.  My sister and I  had seen things in our young lives that would’ve shocked most any adult.  We watched mamaw chase down and CATCH a car that kept circling our house one night, that just happen to be papaw’s girlfriend.   As she reached in the car to slap her or whatever she had in mind,  she got hung up, or maybe just wouldn’t let the woman go, but we watched mamaw get dragged down the road screaming and carrying on. Then when the woman picked up speed , mamaw just fell off and rolled in the road.  Papaw’s girlfriend was  desperate to see him and when she wasn’t  riding by,  she was calling himon the phone. Sometimes it would ring, mamaw would answer, and no one would say anything. Then it got to the point that she would say, Let me speak to Clyde…   It would make mamaw so mad, she’d go into a fit. She would jump papaw and they’d fight. Other than than, only  a few backyard chickens would get their necks rung off… She probably imagined it was him as she was doing it. But it would be over until the next time.  When we moved into the new house,  Mamaw and papaw didn’t go with us. Mama took mamaw and  got her an apartment of her very own.  Papaw choose his girlfriend and moved to Florida. He divorced mamaw and married Jettie.  Mama changed jobs again and things really got interesting around there and this time it would be mama to cross the line. chicken

I always wondered what happened to all my Easter chickens..


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